Island of the Gods… Morning of the World │ Bali - Indonesia

June 25, 2018

Perched amidst the Indian Ocean, lies the most romantic, the most isolated, and the most captivating of Islands!

Bali has always been the most famous island among her thousands of sisters in the Indonesian archipelago, laying her beauties and pleasures for the eyes of beholders and hearts of visitors.



With its tropical weather all year round, and rainforest canopies veiling the walkways through lush rice fields, and all the verdant greenery studded by ever blooming flowers makes the island look and feel like a book runaway scene.



The overall ambience brilliantly reflects serenity, isolation, and spirituality of its natural elements of calm volcanoes, and bright greenery, and merging blues of endless skies and waters, while its architecture beautifully mixes the past with the present, and the ancient with the modern, whether in buildings, restaurants, temples, or even shopping malls and districts.



The reason why the Island of Bali is so attractive to tourists is that – adding to its sublime beauty, and extremely friendly and welcoming people, it is very budget friendly where a night at a luxury hotel is worth around 50$.



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Bali also boasts offering a wide array of fun activities that features white water rafting and bungee jumping at the Ayung River in Ubud, surfing for non-newbies in Nusa Lembongan near Nusa Dua and Sunar, cycling on amazing paths in Uluwatu in addition to mountain climbing at Gunung Agung; but make sure when going on that hike, to take a permission from the authorities of any existing temples on your way, as in Balinese religion, no one may stand higher than the temples, especially in times when ceremonies are held.



Connoisseurs aren’t left behind of course, where other than the budget friendly options of accommodation, dining, and entertainment, there are also solutions for luxury lovers where you can shop at one of the high-end malls, or spend a night at a fancy club, or dine at one of the fine restaurants offering a plethora of local and international cuisines inspired delicacies, unless you like to get to know to a culture through its traditional dishes and flavors, then Jimbaran is a must visit, to taste the freshly barbecued seafood.



Being referred to as the Island of the Gods, Bali embraces a significant spiritual hue where the temples scattered all around the island add authenticity and a sense of peace to it, which makes it also suitable for meditation and self-discovering journeys just like promoted the Elizabeth Gilbert’s best seller Eat. Pray. Love.



It is also a honeymooner’s favorite, for its amazing beaches, the city life buzzing with cafés, restaurants and shops, making it perfect for a short vacation to flare your love! Even better, picking up souvenirs to head home has never been easier; just head to the art market in Sokuwati, flooded with small and affordable unique ornaments and trinkets, as you should consider the very aromatic Balinese coffee, which anyone is bound to savor sipping!


See you next post! Stay happy!






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